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Babywearing Makes Parenting Easier

The first time I wore my daughter in a Stretchy Wrap, I cried. Tears of absolute joy, and relief...

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  • Would You Like to Make Life with a Newborn Easier?

    Imagine what it would be like to have a quiet, happy baby….

    Discover how SnugiWraps can make caring for your newborn baby easier, and make you more confident as a parent.

    Do you feel overwhelmed?

    Would you just like your job to be a little easier?

    It’s not just you. I been there, I understand, I can sympathize. My hormones took control of my mind and brainwashed me into having 3 children under the age of 3. So believe me, I KNOW! Add in the baby blues and even Postnatal Depression (been there, got the t-shirt, still wearing it in fact) and your journey into parenthood can be an emotional roller coaster.

    SnugiWraps can drastically change your parenting journey, for the better.11073484_10203886960917627_490636186_n

    Imagine what it would be like to get on with your day, without having to worry about baby waking up.

    Imagine being able to walk out the door without the cumbersome pushchair.

    Imagine having a baby who cries less, and sleeps more.

    Sounds good right?

    SnugiWraps has already helped thousands of families realise there is a way to have freedom, whilst keeping baby close.

    We’ve been successfully helping families since 2011.

    We know how challenging it can be having a newborn baby, especially if you already have a toddler to keep up with.

    Keep baby close to you

    Get your hands back

    Babies cry 50% less

    “The first time I wore my daughter in a Stretchy Wrap I cried. Tears of absolute joy and relief”

    SnugiWraps Stretchy Wrap

    Newborn Safe & Sound

    Invest in the Best Parenting Tool

    The SnugiWraps Stretchy Wrap

    Just £24.99

    Some of our competitors charge about 100% more than our RRP! We want these tools to be accessible to all families, which is why our prices are so low in comparison.

    This WILL be the most useful piece of parenting kit you ever purchase. We guarantee it, or your money back within 30 days, even if you’ve used it!


    Start making your life easier, today.

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    SnugiWraps Stretchy Wraps

    SnugiWraps Stretchy Wraps

    SnugiWraps Stretchy Wraps are available in a wide range of beautiful colours.

    Only £24.99

    Keep baby close to you

    Get your hands back

    Babies cry 50% less

    Babies who are carried cry less.

    In the parts of the world where baby carrying is still practiced, babies do not cry unless something is seriously wrong. Why? Because baby is carried by their carer. Baby is kept safe and warm in the comfort of a wrap or carrier.

    Let’s think about the transition from womb to world. Inside the womb, it’s cramped, warm and quiet. In a pushchair/bouncy chair/cot, it’s open, cool and sometimes noisy. In a sling, it’s cramped, warm and possibly quiet (or at least with the familiar sound of mum’s breathing and heartbeat). Transitioning from womb to carrier must be easier for baby surely.

    The Benefits of Carrying Your Baby

    The Benefits of Carrying Your Baby

    Babies who are carried are by no means spoiled. Some may suggest that by carrying a baby all the time, baby will become too attached and never want to leave your side. In fact, the opposite is more accurate. Babies who are carried are very much attached to their parents, yes. They know that their parent will always be there for them. They know they are loved. They are happy to go off and play with others, be left with a sitter or at nursery, because they know their parent will return.

    How does it work?

    “This video helped me so much!! I ordered a stretchy from u a few weeks ago (which arrived super quick) and I have to admit, I was worried if I would manage to wrap at all as it always looks so confusing! But.. with the help of this video (and one of my sons teddies for practice lol) I now feel confident to carry my May baby”
    “When it arrived the package was small enough to fit through the letter box, believe me I never knew how grateful I’d be that parcels fit through a letter box when having a new baby and not having enough arms to answer the door!”

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Once I’d popped out of the house to the shops, with my 6 week old little boy cooing and smiling in his Snugiwrap and within 2 minutes he was asleep against me, that was testament enough. I have never looked back. My only regret is bothering to buy a pram! Thank you Snugiwraps, your stretchies are incredibly good value and great quality. I’ll be making sure every mum I know gets told about you.